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Add .mnu file from a non-default location programmatically

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I am creating some .mnu files for the palettes programmatically using the Palette API in vi.lib. This all works fine, but what I want to do is add my .mnu files to the palettes without having to copy them all to menus\categories\<some API>. I want them to just stay where they are but have LabVIEW know to look there.


I know it's possible because I can edit palette sets and do this manually, pointing LV to my .mnu file on disk whether or not it is in the LV Installation Directory. But, I can't find a way to programmatically tell LabVIEW to add those same menu files. My only option so far is to copy them all to the <LV>\menu\categories\<API> then refresh the palettes.



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I really hope you found the Palette Editing subpalette under Application Control.  Here you can open MNU files, and save them.  So if you want to add some MNU as a subpalette, you can open the MNU, add your subpalette, and then re-save it.


Say you want to add the OpenG array palette to your native LabVIEW array palette.  You'd read the <LabVIEW>\menus\Categories\Programming\array.mnu, then add your subpalette pointing to your MNU as an absolute path, then resave it.  Maybe looking at some of the OpenG MNU files might make understanding how they work easier.

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