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Good day!

I'm planning to make a 3-floor miniature elevator (this is the prototype) and it will be controlled through LabVIEW. The LabVIEW interface will control what floor will it go up and down. But I have (super) major problems. First, which one is better to use for the interaction of prototype and labview, DAQ or Arduino? Next is that I don't have that much idea how to start the VI. I've seen some elevator VIs but I think I must read or research more. Also, is there a transfer function involved in the VI? 


All help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. :)

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I would first of all look at which hardware are you going to use. A stepper motor? They usually come with controllers, and you talk to them for instance with simple VISA commands. A DC motor with a set of range microswitches to understand the floor at which the elevator is, whether to open doors, etc? Then you'd need a current driver for the motor and some digital ins for the switches. Something else? DAQ, is there something analogic? Arduino: do you need software to run embedded on it, or can you leave all tasks to the host, so that the arduino would just be a DAQ alternative?

On top of that VI logic. Transfer function? In the terminology I'm familiar with that has to do with the frequency response of a linear system; for an elevator?

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