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Hi all,

I wrote some code that uses functionalities from lvanlys.dll, so it appears as dependant item in project explorer just like other dlls that I'm linking to (e.g. nivision.dll).
When I want to distribute my code as lvlib, lvanlys.dll is copied to destination directory (and worse it becomes part of the lvlib) what causes future conflicts in a project where I use created library. No other dlls are acting like this, only lvanlys.dll. What is the difference between them? How i can avoid of copying this file?

Best regards,

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Thanks for reply.

I'm not using any Call Library Function Node directly. lvanlys.dll jumps into dependences automatiacally when I place some standard LV functions, e.g. mean.vi. Similar situation takes place when I use one of NI Vision VI but with this difference that "vision.dll" isn't included to my source distribution.

Best regards,

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