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How many parallel while loops should I use?

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my first post here, so I hope this fits.


I´m using the NI structure: "continuous measurement and logging" to build a programm t run a test bench.

There are 5 parallel loops in this structure.


Now I need to add a few features to the programm (some timers, cyclic test bench parameters, PID controller, time controlled logging ...) and I dont know where to build them.

I added some features (that just run one time) in the UI message loop but for continous running code that doas not work.


Now I would put the feature SubVi´s in the Data Display Loop to not slowing down the acquisition or the looging loop.


Is this the right way to go or should i build more parallel While loops to run the features.


In general: Is it better to use a small number of parallel while loops with much stuff that happens inside or is it better to use lots of parrallel loops with just one function per loop?


If this is important: The programm later should work on weak intel atom embedded pc´s.




Thanks in advance and kind regards


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