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dynamic content in other web servers

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Nothing really to say except nice work. :worshippy:

I have come to the conclusion that too little rediscovery is sought and many would learn a great deal by doing exercises from first principles like this of technology we all take for granted.

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Thanks :)


In the other thread I mentioned I used this to make a quick demo for freeboard using the CVT. I've attached the demo here.

To use it:

1. Unzip the attached freeboard demo.zip

2. Install the CVT (current value table) from VI Package manager

3. Download https://caddyserver.com/download and extract to the same folder as the zip. Caddy.exe and "caddyfile" should be in the same directory.

4. Optional: switch up the ports in "caddyfile".

5. Open zip/lv/sampleweb.lvproj, then open server.vi

6. Optional: switch up the ports

7. Press run

8. Run caddy.exe

9. Go to localhost in your browser.

10. At the top, press "Load Freeboard", then select zip/lv/http and ws.json

11. Change values on the front panel of server.vi.


There are 2 sets of data sources, one set uses websockets and the other uses http requests. Both provide the same data which looks like this:

"humidity": 2.377959,
"temp": 0.000000,
"label": "jkjk",
"set": [1],
"onoff": true
Note: the code is not great, just something I threw together really fast with pieces of the CVT web library on ni.com/referencedesigns. However one nice thing is you can see that creating a web service like this requires 2 functions, "get" and an initialization helper. The other nice thing is that the web service didn't start until after my application did, so I know exactly what the state of my system is when the ws starts (vs deploying from the project and then initializing later which is what CVT web has to do).

freeboard demo.zip

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