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Actor Framework Basics Article

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First off, kudos on the effort!


I did a quick read-up. Overall, a great write-up! Parts 3, 4 and the walkthrough were the most helpful for me (as one who has been struggling to appreciate this implementation of AF). The introduction in Part 1 was also great; however, I got confused by the last paragraph. Will read it again with a clearer head.



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Great series of articles. I appreciate how you took a lot of time to explain where all of the actions are really taking place, like helpers and good methods to override. I haven't taken the time to really investigate AF (I really need to know OOP better first) but other documents I read went so far into the messaging that I could never figure out how you were supposed to do anything once the message reached its destination.


-Matt J


P.S. small writing mistake in part 4 in "Doing Work in Messages vs in the Helper Loop where you say, "The helper loop would then start working through he file."

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Excellent intro presentation.  I attended one of the earlier AF sessions at NI week in 2010 (I think) and came away with a good impression of it and it's power, but an article like this would have saved me a lot of time picking up the basics.  A good follow on topic could be taking the pyramid structure of Actors shown in Part 3 and digging into that a bit and effective communication techniques between parts of the system.  Some focus on messages and routing perhaps.

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