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  1. I I'm remembering everything correctly, you'll also have to be careful of which elements need to be redrawn when deferring FP updates. If you haven't deferred FP updates then toggling visibility of two controls will force LabVIEW to redraw just the area of those two individual objects but in the case that FP updates have been deferred, the visibility has been toggled, then updates are undeferred, I believe LabVIEW ends up redrawing a single rectangle which encompasses both objects (so for N objects just draw the smallest rectangle that would cover all objects needing to be redrawn).
  2. You can post it to the idea exchange if you want but I would see this making it hard to normally select the tunnel (just to move it around) for everyone using the auto-tool.
  3. Where can I sign the petition to hand over NI's social media accounts to you?
  4. As a contributor to other packages I would like acknowledgement for those contributions. This was from our user group and the general idea was that package owners can build a self-brand of sorts by being attached to popular packages but if someone makes significant contributions to many successful packages there should be some sort of recognition. I think the OpenG libraries are a good example where there may only be one owner but I'm sure there were some large contributions from several people that led to the overall success of the project. I don't know the best way to do this but the simplest might be to have a list of projects that you are a major or minor contributor to. You might be regarded as a minor contributor for any packages which you submit any meaningful code (some bug fix or new feature) while being a major contributor might be an acknowledgement from the package owner. In my mind a package may have a field for major contributors and the package owner could curate that list and link to other users.
  5. In 2014 I took a 1 credit Fotran course. I got a degree in Mechanical Engineering so it actually ended up being the only programming course I ever took in college.
  6. Sounds like a good idea if your goal is to get other programmers to hate you.
  7. I noticed all of the repos have their own ToDo.txt. Many are empty but for those that are not, you might want to create an issue for each item. I don't know if you can create a wiki for an organization but I would also want to be able to find information on how to contribute and some specifics like what LabVIEW version is being used for development, expectations on testing, and build/release process.
  8. I know right? Reality always gets in the way of our perfect plans.
  9. JK, surprise customer onsite means I won't be back until Wednesday night (hopefully in time for the dinner).
  10. I'll probably be able to attend a presentation or two each day. I'll also be there for the Tuesday night meetup at the Hideout.
  11. I see two general classes of errors. The underlying communication is just TCP/VISA primitives so, in many cases, the API will just throw standard connection errors (error 56). For specific Modbus protocol error codes (ILLEGAL DATA VALUE) should also be thrown as errors and look to have the value -389110 - ErrorCode. Now what exactly you do with those errors is up to you.
  12. I would say here you are just describing what an Actor does and nothing specific to OOP. An Actor can be an object but doesn't have to be from my experience. I personally think that this use of inheritance can be the most difficult to actually understand/maintain as well. If you've ever used an NI's Actor Framework where the inheritance reaches depths of 5+, trying to understand what the Actor does can be quite difficult (though someone might claim this is because they violated SRP). Perhaps I'm missing some historical context though and should read some older papers.
  13. Not a lawyer but I suspect it's a bit of a good faith kind of thing similar to Visual Studio Community Edition or Visual Studio Code. I also imagine the licensing cost might be cheaper than the potential of getting caught and NI wanting to do something about it.
  14. The red dot just indicates that LabVIEW will be coercing the data for you so whether there is a loss of information depends on what the data is being coerced from and to. For instance, if a U8 is being coerced into a U16 there isn't any loss of data but if we instead coerce the U16 into a U8 we are losing the top 8 bits of data (depending on what we know about this data this may or may not be an issue for us). FXP conversion will likely lose information because LabVIEW tries to preserver the value rather than keeping the bit value and changing the interpretation of those bits. If you attach the project you are working out of we should be able help explain what would happen for your particular case.
  15. What c-series module are you using? In the project, if you right-click the module under the FPGA target, some have the option to change their I/O between calibrated and raw. In this case raw would probably be much easier to work with.
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