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Listbox Symbols

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I'm going to try to summarize what your code is doing.  On value change it will read the number of items in your listbox then run a for loop that many times.  In that for loop you are setting the symbols each time, but the value doesn't change, and you are only setting one symbol, so you are turning off all the other symbols.  This is because the array size is always going to be 1.


If you want to set a symbol for every item, then you need to set the Symbols, with an array, whos size is the same as the number of items, right now the size of the array going into the Item Symbols property is always 1, so you are always going to only set one item to have a symbol.


Attached is a new version where on value change it creates an array of the same size as the number of items, and then sets the symbols for all items using that array.


Are you interested in any free training for LabVIEW?  Here are a few links that I think might help you.


NI Learning Center

NI Getting Started

-Hardware Basics

-MyRIO Project Essentials Guide (lots of good simple circuits with links to youtube demonstrations)

-LabVEW Basics

-DAQ Application Tutorials

-cRIO Developer's Guide


Learn NI Training Resource Videos

3 Hour LabVIEW Introduction

6 Hour LabVIEW Introduction
Self Paced training for students
Self Paced training beginner to advanced, SSP Required
LabVIEW Wiki on Training


These links come from another document that I just linked to in a different thread.

Automatic symbol for items Hooovahh Edit.vi

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