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Problem with Open Office

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I've tried a quick and simple example of ooCalc yesterday and it seems that AODL 1.3 is not fully compatible, at least with the latest version of Office 2016. I was able to create the ODS document and open it with Apache OpenOffice 4.1, but it was impossible to open it with MS Excel 2016 without errors. I could create and add pages, and insert cells in a row, but not in a self-resizable table, meaning that AODL does not support correctly the automated resizing of a table when you insert a cell in a random row/column (user needs to resize the collection of rows and columns in a given table).


It might simply be a mistake on my part (back of the envelope PofC): mapping 1:1 with an example I saw online from 2010 does fail. I had to create workarounds for it to partially work. 

Since AODL support has been dropped at about the time I started the project, it seems likely that the ooCalc implementation with AODL will be error prone and not compatible with the latest openDocument standards. ooCalc will be lots of work to avoid these pitfalls and might be quite limited. I do not think that adding graphs and images was done with SpreadsheetDocuments in AODL.


My takeaway is that supporting text, numbers and formulas might be achievable with a few abstractions, but so far it would be compatible only for OpenOffice and not for MS Office.


***EDIT: Compatibility issue is from the Save method().

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Hi Francois, my name is Manzai.

I'm facing an issue where after I downloaded the OpenOffice RGT from the link below, found that it does not have AODL.dll file in the folder, for example, ...\normandinf-openofficergt-75893de099fd\AODL\DLLs. Because I keep getting the error of 1386 from LabVIEW. The possible reason of that error is "LabVIEW:  The specified .NET class is not available in LabVIEW.". Do you have any ideas?


Please do let me know if you know the solution for this case. Thank you!

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It seems the DLL folder is missing from the source code. **EDIT** I've updated the repo to include the files. **END**

In the meantime, use VI Package Manager to install the VIP file which correctly includes the DLLs. You can extract the whole missing folder from there if you want to play with the source.



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Hello Francois,

I am using the Openoffice tool created by you.

The problem I am facing is not able to save file. What I am doing is I have created an open office spreadsheet template and adding the values to set cell text and then save to file. Somehow it saves files, but when I open that it says the file is corrupted and it doesn't have any value which I write.


Attached a complete Vi with required files.

Open office Report generation Tool.zip

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