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Waveform Graph digital display intermittently drops to zero


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This one is driving me nuts.


Add digital display to Waveform Graph and the digital display will intermittently spike to 0 even though the data feeding it does not.  The plot on the graph will actually spike to 0 also but it does not always drop when the digital display does.  For some reason the example I have attached does not show the issue on the plot, only the legend digital display, but it does happen on the application I am working on.


The Waveform Array indicator does not display this same behavior.


What am I dong wrong here?



Using Labview version 2014

If you change the loop rate to 200ms it is much easier to see

waveform graph issue.vi

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LV 2015 - changed the loop rate to 200 ms and ran the code for about 30 seconds - the sine wave oscillates around 2, without dropping to zero, so I would guess something was fixed. That said, I have pretty much zero experience with the dynamic data type (I prefer types I understand), so I suppose it's possible something is happening there, but I would expect you would see the same values in the array indicator (presumably you would have to make large enough to show all the values).

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