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Report Generation Excel "XY graph" isn't, really


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I'd like to make true XY graphs in Excel, where each data series has its own set of X values and Y values.  Unfortunately, interleaving rows of X data, Y data, X data, Y data, etc., won't do it: only the first row counts as X data.  And "updating graph data" as shown in this block diagram, doesn't work like I'd hoped.  That VI should be called "overwrite graph data" not just "update".  Am I overlooking something in the Report Generation toolkit?

Ultimately, what I really want is to print an XY graph and have the printout scale to fit the page, be oriented nicely, etc.  Saving the graph as a .PNG programmatically is cool and all, but the Windows program to view PNGs doesn't print well.  Right-clicking the graph and saving to a .BMP leads to similar issues.  Right-clicking and exporting the data to Excel allows me to laboriously construct an XY graph data-series by data-series, which then prints nicely.  Keyword: laboriously.




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