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Create the 3d printer

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I'm a student of National Central University in Taiwan . Right now , I got the machine with 3 axis and control by NI motion card (PCI 7350) and Prof told me to control it to draw something like 3d printer (using nozzle to extrude the material by Z axis) . I already know how can i control this axis , but I don't know how to setup the STL file or gcode to machine to know where the axis can move the position . Can you tell me how can i do that ?

I got the picture and the file of hardware below

Thank you in advance







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You attached 12MB of PDF files, did you expect us to read the 500+ pages of documentation you posted?  If your question is how to parse and understand an STL or GCode file maybe you should post example files on that, or read documentation or examples on what the file structure is for these file types.  Posting NI documentation already available on the web, and pictures of your setup isn't very useful if your question is in regards to file parsing.

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Hello Hai Pham and welcome to the LAVA forums!

I used to work with 3D printers so I am pretty familiar with STL files and gcode. Unfortunately LabVIEW does not natively support these files. Interpreting STl files and generating tools paths in LabVIEW would be quite difficult. Instead, I would use another program to generate gcode from STL files. Then you can focus on parsing the common set of gcode instructions in LabVIEW. I have seen several people ask about this on the NI forums but I have never seen a solution. Perhaps the member here will send their solition if you ask nicely. Otherwise, you may have to write this code yourself if you can't find anything online.

Best of luck creating your FDM printer!

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