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hey everybody... 

im working on labview

im trying to make a logic like.. i have few string which contains serial data to a firmware for a handle movement , handle moves in circular motion. like 30, 60, 90 degrees..

if 30 is pressed\enterd the string corrrosponding to 30 degree should be sent on my serial port. and vi should count numbers on each string sent 

thanks in advance and hoping for quick and positive replies

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This is quite basic stuff, and can be done several ways, with an event structure, and an event for each button, or polling the buttons and going to individual case structures, or building an array and searching for the True which would be the first button that was pressed, and then going to a case in a case structure.  Why don't you post what you've tried so far.  And feel free to checkout some of this free training material.  Oh and in the future use a more descriptive title.  LabVIEW VI means nothing but, "Sending a string based on a button press" is much more helpful.

NI Learning Center

NI Getting Started

-Hardware Basics

-MyRIO Project Essentials Guide (lots of good simple circuits with links to youtube demonstrations)

-LabVEW Basics

-DAQ Application Tutorials

-cRIO Developer's Guide


Learn NI Training Resource Videos

3 Hour LabVIEW Introduction

6 Hour LabVIEW Introduction
Self Paced training for students
Self Paced training beginner to advanced, SSP Required

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im beginner at labview, so i will request to please ignore my mistakes. and thanks a lot for suggesting few learning ways, i'll definetly go through that. and this was my first time to post , so i will try  to be more descriptive  regarding title.thankss for bearing me.

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A text file can be opened in Excel if columns are separated by commas "," and then the file is named with a .csv file extension.  This is by far the easiest solution, but the most simple.  For more control over the look and format you can use the Report Generation Toolkit (included with 2014 and newer I think, and a paid add on before that).  This uses the ActiveX API to read and write data so Excel must be installed on the machine.  There are a few free wrappers for this API as well.  There is also XLR8, a 3rd party company that makes a toolkit which creates the file using the documented format, not ActiveX so then you don't need Excel installed on the machine.  And starting in 2014 the Write Measurement File has a .xlsx option.  But don't expect a lot of control, it works similar to the XLR8 toolkit.  Oh and you can make a TDMS file and then use the free NI add-on to open it in Excel.  This all really depends on what type of data you have, how you want it to look, and the amount of time and money you want to invest.

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