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Is there a way to get the channel list of a cRIO module in the project ?


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Can you attach a simple project you are working with that has modules that doesn't show up using the OwnedItems[] property? Once I got the reference to the project I was able to use the Targets property to get a reference to the cRIO item and then dig down using the OwnedItems[] property. The RT target owns the chassis which can own both modules and the FPGA target. The FPGA target can also have modules as the owned items so you may have to dig down to find what you are looking for but it should be there. For each level of owned items I used the DisplayName property to see what was there and was able to find modules under the chassis and FPGA.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a more run time based approach there is the new SMI toolkit.


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Thanks for reply.

It works.  I have no idea why it doesn't yesterday.

I can get modules and channels.

But I can't seem to get the module type. e.g. NI-9207

SMI toolkit doesn't work for us as it doesn't support the modules we use.


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The only way I could find to get the module type would be to use the Get Tag method of the project item and use the tag crio.Type. You can get a lot of other information that way, just look at the project XML to see what tag you want to use.

The following is purely speculation on my part but I would not expect there to be a simple way to interact with the modules through scripting because the cRIO project items are populated by a project provider from the RIO driver so it doesn't get any more specific than project item in the VI server

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