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  1. That's not accurate. It's more like this: - All states looks different decor: 1 decor, - True state has decor, False state has no decor: 1 decor, - All states looks same decor: as many as you want. 2 decors.ctl
  2. Thanks. But there are many other components you can "Steal" from NI ctrls. For example, the 3-D semi-circles from the Modern thermometer ctrl. In addition to replace an existing component, you can add extra components to a ctrl as long as you can set the component to be slave of the housing/frame. Untitled 2.vi
  3. Could you save it to LabVIEW 2018? Thanks.
  4. You can get a semi-circle from the Classic Tank.
  5. You need the .h file which defines g_hSystem.
  6. Right click a glyph and copy it to clipboard. Then you can import the image as Decal. boolean glyph.ctl
  7. You can import boolean glyph as Decal to any button. For other controls, you can add images as long as you can set it to "slave to frame". Only LabVIEW decorations (vector image) can resize without problem. There is no way to change a 4 part items button to 6 part items button.
  8. You can also configure the exe (or it's shortcut) to "Run this program as an administrator" on the file properties dialog window in the Windows Explorer. One way to verify if the LabVIEW is run as admin is: the path ctrl doesn't works with drag & drop.
  9. Button outside the window:
  10. Demo VI attached.Search Unicode String.vi
  11. It's the "space" character problem. Build your own search function: 1. Change your unicode string display mode to Hex to find out the "space" character in Hex 2. Use it to convert your string to an array using the spreadsheet to array function 3. Use search 1D array to find matching word
  12. Saved in LabVIEW 7.1. Run Application.vi
  13. When a window (any window, including LabVIEW) is maximized on monitor1 (1920x1080), the window rectangle is (-8,-8,1928,1048) on my laptop (Win7 Pro). That extra 8 pixels on each side is the frame edge. I noticed this when I started to use Win7.
  14. Use the NI Tool. One property node is not enough.
  15. I did an English/Russian project last year based on NI Unicode tool: https://forums.ni.com/t5/Reference-Design-Content/LabVIEW-Unicode-Programming-Tools/ta-p/3493021?profile.language=en
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