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HTTPS Client with TLS1.2 for LV2012sp1 in Windows XP

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Ok anyone who can manage to contain their laughter for a minute, help me out with this.

I need exactly what's in the title. Due to the deprecation of TLS1.0 and SSL3, we're disabling both on our web server that receives status information from hundreds of systems across the country via HTTPS. Some of the systems run Windows 7, some Windows XP. All of them run applications built in LV 2012sp1.

In the past we've used the NI HTTP client VIs, which work well, and still work for some (?) Win7 systems. They don't work for the Windows XP systems. Are these VI's just a wrapper for the OS's HTTP client (IE)?

We've also been down the .net WebRequest path, but from what I can tell the webclient class doesn't support any security protocols past TLS1.0, at least not in .net 2.0, and the HTTPClient class wasn't introduced until .net 4.5, which LV doesn't support, at least not in 2012 sp1.

Lastly, we're considering the Encryption Compendium being offered in the JKI package manager, but it's 629 pounds, and if there's a way to do this without it, it would be preferred.  Also we're not sure it would work with the given constraints.  Has anyone used it/know anything about it?

Any help is appreciated.

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8 minutes ago, ShaunR said:

LabVIEW 2016 supports TLSv1.2.

We considered this.  From what I understand, there are ways to silently install RTE's from the command line, which would be necessary.  Unfortunately, I'm not sure 2016 will work on Windows XP (I know), which constitutes a significant minority of our systems.  In fact the LabVIEW/OS-support page specifically says "LabVIEW will drop support for Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2003 as of July 1, 2016. Versions of LabVIEW that ship after July 1, 2016 will not install or run on Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows Server 2003."  So this is probably a no-go.

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If high performance isn't a requirement, you could install wget or curl and use the system exec function to call it. If you do need performance, you could technically develop a wrapper for libcurl, but it may be more trouble than its worth.

Of course, for some reason I think I read somewhere that the labview functions used curl in some way (in which case why would XP be different?), but that could be totally made up.

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