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NI-NET Lin checksum issue - switching to 1.3 protocol?

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I have a CRC/Checksum issue with NI-XNET 16.0 LIN. 

It seems I am getting wrong CRC (error 6) with normal frames but it is fine with 3c/3d diag frames. The difference is the checksum type - diag frames are having classing type while other types are having enhanced ... 

I want to switch the CRC/Checksum type to classic or the protocol version to 1.3 (which have classic crc for all frames like my device probably has since it is a older one) but it seems database editor does not allows this feature - enforces Enhanced for every frame except diag ones and cannot be changed.

Is there a way to switch it somehow? If not from db at least from code ... 


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Well I imported an LDF and the frames in the XNet Database editor show that some use the LIN Chucksum of Classic, and some Enhanced.  But in both cases, and with creating a new frame, this drop down is disabled.  So it appears XNet supports it, but I don't know how to set it.  You may end up finding more help over on the Automotive subforum on the dark side.

Oh and it looks like there is a property for this but I've never used it.

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That grayed out is my issue too :) It is possible to add an ECU and select protocol version 1.3 but it seems it has no connection with the message definition which is forced to enhanced anyway.

The property You found is output one and cannot be set - found it in the Frame Node - can't change it, just read it from db. At least I didn't found a way yet to change it. 

I'll try the automotive forum, TY

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