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Yeah, this is quite the new look. I like the usability of it so far, even though I miss the old site's simplicity. I know Michael was having some scaling issues back then, so this is probably a huge improvement, eh?

I was around a few years ago when I was working for Jim, but since then it's been oil & gas test work all the way. You know how it goes with learning curves and big mega corporations, and having to stick to the tools they like to play with. LabVIEW was always there and I did use it when I could, but it fell on the side burner as I played with other things like .NET, JavaScript and inhouse applications/firmware for the big O&G.

Now I've got a project that makes LabVIEW come back into focus in the R&D lab here. orko is happy again :-)

Nice to see you again, Brian!

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Yeah there are aspects of the new forum I knew I wouldn't really like.  There is a social network aspect, where you can write on eachother's wall.  Or follow other users activity.  I don't really need this but the integrated Chrome notifications is nice, and the updated mobile browser.  The moderator tools are more or less the same, and Michael takes care of the high level stuff enough that I don't know the impact of the new forum but I imagine it is for the best.

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