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Sequence of Images

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I am programming Hangman in LabVIEW and I am almost done with it, other than I cant get the sequence of pictures to update the image on the front panel with each wrong guess the user makes. Is there a block or function I can create that will allow me to find a total of which # of wrong answers the user is on?

In the capture I attached, I have the file set-up to display the first picture in yellow and the red arrow is pointing to the case structure I created that runs if the sequence of letters isnt found within the phrase.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.


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Interesting program, but is everything hard coded in terms of the word used?  Eventually I'd suggest allowing to just update a single string with a new value and have the program just work.

Your question isn't quite clear but keeping track of the number of wrong answers seems like something you are going to have to keep track of with a shift register or feedback node, incrementing with each wrong answer.  Then you can build your path with a format into string so that you will select 2.jpg for two wrong answers.  You could also embed the N images into a single Picture Ring control, then pick the image based on the number of incorrect answers.

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