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EtherNet IP toolkit to use for point I/O Allen Bradley

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Recently I downloaded EtherNetIP toolkit and I do not know how to use.

I have to read and to write values into the point I/O Allen Bradley to control some devices from PC to point I/O.

It will be useful if you can help me with some examples. I used Get Atributte Single.vi but I do not know What are Class, Instance and atributte inputs in VI.

For example a input in the point I/O is a emergency stop and I need to monitor this input from PC, but I do not how to use the tookit. Another example is I have to active some actuator (output point I/O) from PC.

I appreciate you can give me information.

Thank you.


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I've only tried to get the Ethernet/IP toolkit working talking to a Rockwell S7-300 PLC. We set up the PC/PLC communication to be an assembly (remote I/O in the PLC) so we could transfer a block of data. This was done rather than read/write tags as there was 7 msec overhead per tag and we had hundreds of tags. There was the option of creating a complex tag (tag consisting of tags) however that required a lot of work encoding/decoding using Rockwell documentation that was not easily located.

I expect you'll find the Ethernet/IP toolkit cannot act as a master (not certain the terminology for Ethernet/IP -- the NI and Rockwell terminology don't quite match) in the system and the Point I/O will require one to communicate.


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Thank you for your answer.

Well, I have been doing test with the Ethernet toolkit, specially with Get Attribute Single.vi as show in the image but I have only gotten information with class = 1, instance = 1 and attribute = 1 and the information that I got was model information. I want to read data from my inputs slots connected to Point I/O and I want to write data to my outputs slots connected to Point I/O but I do not how to configure classes, instances and attributes for every slot.


I think this configuration is made by point I/O but I am not sure.

If anybody can help me, please.

CIP cnx.png

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