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Hi all,

I have an application that works fine on my developpement computer (Windows 7 pro 64bit).
This application basically handles database and communications with some PLC's.

When using the same build on a customer's computer running windows 7 ultimate, it starts really nice, the communications, display and database are all ok.
But after some amount of time (not always the same, from 5 minutes to 1hour) the whole computer crashes. The display is frozen and there's no way to take control back.
I have to remove the power supply to make it work.

I checked the same software without most loops, it does the same,
I made a small test software (state machine activating and deactivating a boolean and counting every second), it does the same as my main software.
I checked the full software on another windows 7 pro computer, no issue. It's still running like it has been running on mine for more than 24hours.

The customer's computer is an industrial computer i7-6700 3,4GHz ; 8GB DDR4 Ram, Windows Seven Ultimate 64bit.


So here's my question, are there any know issue with labview application or labview RTE 2017f2 and windows 7 ultimate ?
Or maybe you have any idea of what could be wrong ?


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Have you thought about the fact that this might not be related to LabVIEW at all?  Look at the Windows system event logs and see if there is something happening around the time of the crash.  Is there any unknown devices in device manager?  Is there any devices that might have the wrong driver loaded?  Not a lot to go on here but I'm pretty certain I've ran LabVIEW programs in 7 Ultimate but don't have one on hand to test with at the moment.  Oh and how about disabling a bunch of NI startup services and programs and seeing if it is more stable?

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Thanks for that answer hooovahh. 

After all the test I did, my feeling was that it was not related to labview. But I had to ask about the win7 ultimate point.
When posting on friday I had already checked the device manager and all the devices are ok and all the drivers are up to date.
After reading you I checked the windows system event log (which I didn't know it exists, thank you by the way). And there's nothing strange...

I ran a test over the weekend to check if it was LV related or not... I played a video on repeat and I had the same issue.
So I'm going to disable the NI Startup services and then contact the computer's manufacturer.

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