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Vision generate .exe file about camera seek

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Hi! I had write a lv program and generate a .exe file. But once open the exe file, it will run the program,  owing to it need time to find the camera so something wrong will happen. Now I want to add a function for searching the camera, led on light when it had found the camera to give a notice, then it will autorun to acquire figures. So the question is how to add the camera earch function ? Thanks 

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I don't entirely understand what you're getting at. When you say "searching the camera" are you talking about using something like IMAQdx Enumerate Cameras? And when you say "autorun to acquire figures" do you mean you're looking to use dataflow to delay when some events happen? That seems like a general purpose labview question and not a vision question. You'll probably want to use a sequence structure or a queue.

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