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  1. Recently I find weird bug in LabVIEW . if you try to save a cluster with at least two string side it with using flatten to string vi for saving as a text file, it is ok and you can recall it with unflatten from string vi later, unless you fill at least one of the strings with 13 characters inside it, in this case, unflatten from string not work well and you could not recall data back?!! that is weird
  2. you have to do this method use thershould vi to time 1 use for it for rest of range with replace value that you want (0 up to 255) 2 use it with range that you want and make of for replace value now you need just to add this two picture to each other
  3. for such propose I use mccdaq product esp 2408 it support up to 3k sample rate 24 bit resolution but before start but regard two thing thermocouples are like antennas and pick up noise from the power grid and other equipment nearby you should keep your thermocouple a way from such noise also mcc labview toolkit is based on dot net and is not so nice and have some bugs but work
  4. if you could not find any solution at the end the last method that you could use is to design your own plot by using image function part of labview make some algorithm based on your data and use it as x control
  5. why just do not make template excel create bookmark for Digital Signature and insert a transparent image of your Digital Signature into one of labview control item by using customizing and at the end inset image of this control in bookmark place? i use it for my application and it work !
  6. there is example for this one in labview example part just check that you can insert image as surface of cube with narrow height
  7. this is array if you look at index it is zero and if you check this array size you will be find number of camera that are supported
  8. these kind of led are easy cake refresh rate is not so fast (max 20 fps) and backlight is ready so you can use even a webcam for this one just dont forget to use extractcolor.vi with appropriate color based on lcd color and also regarding lcd liquid crystal saturation problem use well trained .abs file
  9. access to camera in labview is based on xml file that any camera create to use as interface and this connection will be happen with imaq if you do not want use imaq you have to use active x your write your own method but at the end the thing that you done is re- writing code as imaq code and nothing change in speed so it is not so rational
  10. check easycap it is cheap and easy to use if you do not have chance to find any old imaq analog Ni cart https://www.banggood.com/Easycap-4-Channel-DVR-CCTV-Camera-Audio-Video-Adapter-Recorder-p-936654.html
  11. it is better to look inside cctv camera some of these kind of camera have auto focus function and related lens but also have their own problems
  12. Hi all, this is my first massage in this site, but I start to continue in this site but the answer : as I know labview just allow you to connect with ip camera if they support Gige protocol or their brand is axeis in otherwise you need to use some trick to connect and labview will not be let you connect them normally
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