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10 Things I Hate About LabVIEW


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Hey all, I'm doing some research for a talk at NI Week, and I'm hoping that some of you are interested in participating...

Thanks in advance.

10 Things I Hate About LabVIEW: A Love Letter to NI

NI Week 2005 attendees are going to see a presentation like none before it.

The presentation will examine some of the inconvenient and/or painful aspects of working with National Instruments' flagship product, LabVIEW. This presentation is not an open-forum "gripe session," but an opportunity to hear about users' difficulties with and misunderstandings about LabVIEW, workarounds and practices that developers have discovered to make their own LabVIEW programming better, and the ideas and aspirations LabVIEW proponents and fans have for future versions. We'll also attempt to extract some general programming lessons that we can learn from observing LabVIEW's "thorns".


LabVIEW is easy to love, but what aspect do you hate?

Come check it out at:


I'll be adding ideas to the website as I receive and review them.

P.S. Yes, NI approved this talk and I'm really on the docket. Kudos to them.

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For those interested, this presentation can be found here.


Did anyone made some audio records...?

With author permission of course...? Please?

Slides looks very very good.

best regards


Department of Electronics

AGH Univ. of Science and Technology in Cracow, Poland

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I too would like audio, if it is available. It would also be nice to have the presentation in PPT format, if the speaker's notes are available.

BTW, the presentation looks great, Rob. :thumbup: I'm sorry that I missed it, at NI Week -- always so much going on, and so little time.

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That was a great presentation.  I couldn't count how many times I've had gripes about multiple items that were mentioned there... lots of good stuff pointed out and more importantly, how NI can maybe go about avoiding such things in the future.


Thanks for all of the compliments. It was a fun presentation to do, but I did get a little nervous when Jeff Kodosky showed up... :)

Unfortunately, I don

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Great powerpoint presentation

Because I missed the show, I'm glad I did not have to wait for the NI-week CD for this.

Yes this is exactly what I think developers need to fix up an already good product.

I guess that cleaning up example code, writing real programming books on LabVIEW and keeping a keen eye on the failures can move LabVIEW ahead of other languages.

keep on going Rob

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