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Http Kerberos authentication

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    • By dante_34
      I have a problem with http VI’s and external web services (RESTful) and I’m using LabVIEW 2013.
      In NetBeans I create a project with a GET web service from a table in MySQL, so I use http VI’s for accessing the service (blog diagram .png), receiving the information in JSON (front panel.png) and took the information I needed (in this case the “slActualValue†value).
      I have a program that inserts new values in the database and in chrome the service works fine but if a want to do the Vi in a while loop to update or receive new values, the the next JSON data form the web service is the same as the first call, but if I go to the NetBeans project and do the deploy again the JSON data changes.
      I ask about this problem from the experts in web services (RESTful) and they say that is the cookies in the LabVIEW program, so I create add a cookie file .txt but im not confident about the format of the file(the example is in this post) or if there something amiss in the LabVIEW VI’s
      Cookie.txt file
      # Netscape HTTP Cookie File
      # http://curl.haxx.se/rfc/cookie_spec.html
      # This file was generated by libcurl! Edit at your own risk.
      UNKNOWN        FALSE      FALSE    0             ID           0

    • By Wim
      Hi Guys,
      It has been a while but I'm back :-)
      I'm having some 'problems' with http requests ....
      Project summary:
      LabVIEW 2010 Application that reads sensor logs from a database.
      The application gets its data via http requests: --> architecture of the project --> data must be accessible via web-service 
      Example: http://localhost:8085/sensorservice/sensor/test/temperature..... (and some paramaters about the amount of data to return.) is entered in the LabVIEWHTTPClient.lvlib:GET.vi and I receive my data in the body and header controls.
      So far so good.
      Every data request takes about 0.3 s Not bad .... but .... all sensors that are read in the application are handled sequentially in a FOR loop.  So 60 sensors *0.3s == 18s update rate.
      Not fast enough for my customer.
      The LabVIEWHTTPClient.lvlib:GET.vi is reentrant and it allocates an instance for each clone.  
      So i quickly made an active object for each sensor and call the LabVIEWHTTPClient.lvlib:GET.vi by ref with x08 as option when i open the vi ref.
      It returns the data BUT ... requests are still sequential and not parallel :-(  
      LabVIEWHTTPClient.lvlib:GET.vi blockdiagram is protected with a password, but I assume it still blocks because of a dll call.
      Did anyone make an application with parallel http requests ?
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