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When I run the program in LabVIEW there shows nothing in the "Read data" array

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Good day,

I'm quite a beginner user of LabVIEW and wish to request some help from this forum regarding SPI communication.

I have a K-type thermocouple connected to a MAX6675 (cold junction compensated digital converter). It requires SPI communication and I connected the pins accordingly.

MAX6675 Arduino Uno
----------- --------------
VCC 5V pin
SCK digital pin 13
SO digital pin 12
CS digital pin 10

1. I've loaded the LINX firmware into Arduino Uno.
2. Built the following block diagram.


3. Set the SPI configuration as followed.


When I run the program in LabVIEW, nothing shows up in the "Read data" array.

Can anyone shed some light on what's wrong with my design??

Thank you.

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First is there any errors?  Second what is the value of Data?  This is important.  Leaving it blank will mean do nothing, where filling it in might mean to read specific memory registers.  You'll likely want to consult the manual, or even some other text based libraries to get an understanding of what registers need to be read, and how to scale the data that is read.

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