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ACS motioncontroller command “ExtendedSegmentedMotion”

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Anyone in the forum use ACS Motioncontroller? I need you guys help !

I use the Israel controller with gantry,recently I  want to realize 3D printing with those hardware,and "extendedSegmentedMotion" occur to me.But whatever parameter I use according to Software Guide , It always goes  wrong,even the parameter are the same with Example in offical Guide manual. And I asked for tech-support to headoffice,but they don't give a accurate reply.

So if anyone have used the "extendedSegmentedMotion" in Labview , could give me some suggestion?



Example in manual.jpg

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I don't use this device, but: you mean what, you got a DLL exposing those functions, and you have a problem when calling this Ch.extendedSegmentedMotion() from labview? If so, are you able to call successfully any other function? If that is the case it may be a simple mistake in interfacing with the CLFN - calling convention, wrong typing of the arguments, or the like. What did you try and what are the results?

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I fail to see what Israel has to do with this. While I have been working with ACS controllers from LabVIEW, I only used them through the TCP/IP interface protocol that the controller provides. It's a powerful device with lots of possibilities to implement control functionality inside the controller itself in their basic like programming language (which I assume is what you show in your image). But we never got around to use gantry mode but rather implemented the coupling of the axis in LabVIEW itself and then sending according commands. So I can't really help you with this problem, also because I didn't do any of the programming on the ACS controller itself. 

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