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Highlight item in Project tree

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I wanted to create a shortcut menu entry for finding a VI / sub-VI in the current project context but I can't find any methods to help me accomplish such a thing.  I can get the current project context, but is there even a way to control what is selected? Or to highlight an entry in the tree?

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If you get a reference to the specific ProjectItem in the project, there is a private method in the ProjectItem class which allows you to select/highlight items in the private tree. It works for the simple case I tried.

Send me a message if you can't find the method.

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On 7/13/2018 at 2:12 PM, Darren said:

You can also press Ctrl-Shift-E from an open VI to select that VI in the project explorer.

Yes I use this all the time.  I do wish this extended to Libraries not in an open project, vote here if you feel the same.

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