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Neil Pate

Looking for LabVIEW related project work

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Hello all,

We are an Automation Engineering company based in South Africa looking for project/contract/consultancy work that can mostly be done remotely. Our team has significant experience developing virtually all aspects of the NI toolchain including PC, RT and FPGA and PLC based systems.

  • NI Certifications: CLA, CLED and CPI
  • Systems development and responsible for everything from architecture to final goodbye handshakes and everything in-between
  • Excellent experience with interfacing with hardware (sensors, DAQ, comms, cameras etc)
  • Excellent debugging skills
  • Been practicing modular based design and development for > 10 years
  • Excellent LVOOP skills
  • Good exposure to interfacing with other hardware components via technologies like Modbus or OPC-UA
  • Good GUI/UX development skills (making LabVIEW look not like LabVIEW)
  • Good exposure to DBs and SQL

Complementary skills include PLC systems design and development work.

If you have any need for LabVIEW/PLC support please do not hesitate to get in touch with me to discuss your individual requirements.

Kind regards


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