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Programmatic Build does not update tags in Project

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I am trying to get a build script going, and I use the destination folder format with the tag [VersionNumber] in the Primary Destination Path (http://digital.ni.com/public.nsf/allkb/617928B8E8DE3B6C86257CC400429194)

What is happening is that when I do my programmatic build, the lvproject only "remembers" the last build I manually did through the project itself, instead of the programmatic build.

for example, say I right click on my executable build specification, select "build".  My build will run, complete, and then all the files will be stored in the folder builds\EXE  The flag "Auto Increment" is set to True. 

Now, I run my build script 5 times.  I will have folders EXE through EXE  I open my exe build specification in the labview project, navigate to the "Version Information" page, and the Version Number correctly shows as the next build number.  So my build script is updating the build specification with the correct auto increment, and I have verified that LabVIEW is creating the correct files in the correct folder.

But, when I go to the build specification, right click and select "Explore", LabVIEW opens the EXE folder, instead of the EXE folder.

The consequence is that when I do an installer build, LabVIEW thinks that the build was the last build, so the incorrect exe is copied into the installer.

Has anyone run into this issue with programmatic builds?

build steps.PNG

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So the main problem is getting the installer build script to get updated with the correct EXE build. I wonder if there's a way to signal that change to the installer script.

I've never seen this issue. However, I usually just programmatically run the installer build script right after the EXE build script and it works every time. Do you have the project open while doing all this?

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