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Ken Brooks

Where's the manual?

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I'm really sorry to be asking such a basic question here, but I have been searching for 15 minutes along the lines of "Openg LabVIEW documentation" and have found nothing of substance. Where do I go to find a document or website that lays out the sections of OpenG, their capabilities, and how to use them?

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I doubt there is any documentation beyond the help included with installing the OpenG packages.  If you open the context help on any VI it should show a description of the VI and what it does and how to use it.  This isn't always enough documentation on understanding how a thing works, but the source code is fully there too, so understanding it should be possible if the documentation provided isn't sufficient.  The OpenG website itself went into disrepair and had spammers taking it over so OpenG discussions were moved here to LAVA.

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