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How do I create a folder with a decimal/period?


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This seems like it should be easy, but I have not been able to create a folder that has decimal/period using LabVIEW. 

For example, creating a folder named "Blah 1.1" yields a folder named "Blah".  I can create the folder directly in Windows so I know it is valid.

Has anyone else seen this before?




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How specifically are you trying to create the folder?

I'm using LabVIEW 2016 on Windows 7 and just tried creating a folder named "Blah 1.1" on my desktop.  I did it using the "Create Folder" node located in the "File I/O" >> "Adv File Funcs" palette and it worked for me.  

If you're using Windows 10 and LV 2017, I'm not sure if one of those could be the culprit.


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I think I must have had low glucose at the time (just before lunch).  I should've created a simple example, but it turned out I was missing a input to my VI!  Grrh!  It's working now.

Thanks for your help!


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