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Where is the "Open Editor Wizard" menu item, and what does it do?


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Found this menu item listed in lvstring.rsc. Its tag is "APP_SC_OPEN_EDITOR_WIZARD". I did a Google search for "Open Editor Wizard" and nothing came up, and I tried using the "Invoke Menu Item" method on its tag but nothing happened. Is this some kind of internal NI thing? (And if so, does anyone mind saving me the trouble of unearthing whatever enables it?)

I also found one called "Developer Tools", which looks interesting, but it could just be a normal feature somewhere I'm not remembering, especially because LabVIEW is itself a developer tool.

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4 minutes ago, paul_cardinale said:

As far as I can tell, lvstring.rsc is the only thing that contains "APP_SC_OPEN_EDITOR_WIZARD".

If you're talking about what files contain the string, that seems to be the case for a few different menu tags I've tried, that I know do work. They're probably referred to elsewhere by the resource ID number.

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