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Associating event frames with an event


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I can create event and case structures using scripting and put them into a loop etc., however I need to also make and link a number of frames, has anyone successfully done that using scripting?

Adding a frame is easy enough, but to link it to an event or selector value seems to be more difficult. For a case structure there is a selector strings property, but that is read only...It seems a bit strange that you can make all the code, except give the frames their names / event link...so I hope it is doable.


The end goal is to make a central GUI handler based on an event structure that can react to clicks on a large number of script-created buttons (hundreds, perhaps thousands, spread across different VIs). The event structure should fire when any of the buttons are clicked and identify them and perform the appropriate action based on the label of the button...Creating one frame linked to a mouse down for all the buttons would be one way, separate frames for each event a second way, but the linking must be automated as well...

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