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LAVA Functions Pallet Empty

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17 hours ago, Jonathan Lindsey said:

I just installed the "LAVA Palette" package from JKI VI Package Manager in LabVIEW 2018. I found the LAVA pallet in Addons but it is empty. I tried restarting LabVIEW and uninstalling and reinstalling the package but the pallet is still empty. What should I do?

The LAVA palette itself only installs a Lava icon into the LabVIEW palettes. When you then install Lava libraries (possibly OpenG libraries), they should appear in there.

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OpenG does not install under the LAVA palette.

I think it was used by a few of us back when Jon Green was handling the Code Repo. I know I've put the "UI Tools" in there and I'm fairly sure there were a few more packages from the years ~2012. Ton's "Code Capture tool" maybe? 
The idea was to regroup the librairies that were published on LAVAG's repository into a single palette, but it didn't get much traction past 2013.

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