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Help with Netboot - PXI running NI Linux RT 2019

Ryan Vallieu

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I am attempting to configure (or attempting to learn to configure, which is step 1) our National Instruments PXIe-8840QC system that is running NI Linux RT for PXI 2019 (what is purportedly OpenEmbedded Linux with the Preempt-RT patch) to Netboot with a Linux Server.  I have demonstrated netboot with the server using another target with CentOS.

I'm having trouble trying to figure out how to capture or build the initramfs .img file that I need to reference on the Server for the PXI system.

I have found a folder on the system labeled ./lib/modules/4.14.87-rt49-cg-7.0.0f0-x64-189-build/include/config/intramfs when I do a find for initramfs - but there is not an .img file in the /boot folder like I have been used to seeing.

Anyone have any insight to impart on building the initramfs~.img file from my existing Linux system?


We need to Netboot in order to run our systems diskless.  We run secret level tests and SOP is to remove and hand over any HD in systems involved in the collection of data - which gets costly!

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Well I was playnig around with PXE boot and the PXIe controller and got the system to PXE boot with tftp and using the kernel bzImage and initramfs files from /boot/.safe - but that is only the safemode boot image.  But it worked properly and demonstrated to me that if things are done correctly I should be able to PXE boot.


Checking the LVRT repo on Github, I noted it mentioned building the kernel and installing in the folder location /boot/runmode <- in this folder I found the runmode kernel bzImage  file and runmode initramfs


Trying to use those files for the PXE boot, the kernel loads, but there is an error with the initramfs loading.  

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