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Circular Graph - Graphs with circular buffer demo

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Okay so I wrote some code back in the 2011 era for doing some graph stuff and never used it.  As a result there are a few places that the code could take advantage of modern functions (limited events, array tunnels, conditional, and concatenating, VIMs, even Set and Maps) but in any case I have it here for others to take a look at and use as they want.  I don't intend on updating this further.

It all started when I found the built in graph controls to be limiting in terms of signal selection and control.  I wanted a way for a user to select the signals they want and then show those on a graph with a shared time scale.  The problem was at the time the checkbox selector on a graph could have a scroll that couldn't be controlled.  So I started with a single column listbox showing all signals and allowing multiple to be selected.  I wanted to see the current value so I added that.  Scope creep kept going until I'm left with this thing that isn't done, but isn't terrible. 

In this demo there is a subpanel mode, independent windows, pause and resume, the normal graph palette controls, independent Y axis scaling, coloring, buffer size control, visible signals selection and values, and a few other things.  It was intended to be used in places where speed and exact values weren't used.  It was more or less a place where all signals of a system could be seen slowly.  It uses a few things I've posted on LAVA before.  My Variant Repository, Array VIMs, and Circular Buffer.  Here is a video.


Circular Graph.vipc

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