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Runtime Configurable Plotting

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So, sometimes when i'm troubleshooting or perhaps the customer doesn't know what they want, its nice to make things a bit more flexible. However I find this difficult with plots, they take a good deal of setup and are pretty hard add remove things flexibly during runtime. I'm curious of any other examples or demonstrations/recommendations for doing similar things. I Made an example here of something that i'm working on for flexible runtime plotting:

Here i have some functions to be desired. I am using the picture control so i can add and change plots quickly. But it means more feature implemenation.  I am actually forcing the start of the x axis to be aligned (visually not numerically).

I still need to clear items and stack plots using colors and stuff, but its all doable during runtime. I thought I'd ask because its been something i have been looking into for a while, and i haven't found a solution that i like yet. 

Thanks, in advance. 

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Is this the trick where you have controls off-screen waiting to be moved into place? graphs are limited by the number of plots ready? 

I've also seen the setup where windows are embedded into the UI and reentrant VIs are use to plot. (setup is pretty non-trival though). 

I haven't really seen a solution that is nice and modular and easy to drop into particular ui being worked on. 

Is there another?

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I've seen that trick, but I use a single subpanel containing a "layout" subVI (a subVI containing nothing but a set of arrainged subpanels).  Then a reentrant subVI containing nothing but an XY graph is placed in all the layouts subpanels.  Limited in how many layouts you can have, but 4x4 is probably the most graphs you can reasonably have.  

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