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CRC-8-SAE J1850

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There's lots of examples of this posted on NI's forums.  Here's one I've been using for a while:


Note that if you are using this for the CRC calculation in an automotive CAN frame you may also want to add in the ability to skip the CRC byte location, as I've seen CAN-FD frames that have the CRC not at the last byte in the payload.  In some cases the CRC stops being calculated once it hits the CRC, and in some cases I've seen the calculation skip this byte, and continue with the test.

Also if you are doing this calcuation and you happen to be using XNet hardware, you can actually have the hardware perform the CRC calculation for you. Here is the idea exchange on adding this feature, and here is a blog post talking about the unofficial way to get the hardware to do this today.

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