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19 hours ago, UncleFungus46 said:

Hi Neil.  

Long time no see.  I am trying to do something similar to what you have done above - I have my Azure hub set up and can talk to it via my Beaglebone ok (trying to open the door of my Chicken Coop).  What I'm not getting is where the Primary Key/Connection String gets inserted using the MQTT (Cowen71).  I seem to connect to the hub ok, just not the device.  Can you offer any assistance?

Thanks, Rob (FIF1)




LV MQTT Settings.png

Hey Rob (UncleFungus🤣🤣)

I actually moved away from that library in the end as I have my own actor style so wanted something more low level. I now cannot find my old code that was working with this library. I now use the MQTT library from daq.io as it gives me the low level access I need.

Looking at your screenshot though I think I remember. Just at the bottom you have the cluster with User Name. I am pretty sure the private key string (as copied directly out of Azure) goes there or in one of the elements of that cluster.

Now, in my production system I have moved away from this technique and am generating a SAS token each time I connect. This might be the wrong thing to do, I have no idea actually but it seems to work! 

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