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String array from keypad

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i'm new in the realm of Labview but i'm working on simple project Access Pin Security but i got hook where i want to create several hard-coded pins inside my block panel .....the main challenge is too loop through String array but only one is working.

Block panel.png

Front panel.png

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I don't fully understand the problem.  I see that you press one button at a time, and that appends to the string which is limited to 4 characters.  That all seems to work fine.  But what is the loop trying to do with the hard coded pins?  Are you trying to see if the pin matches any of the hard coded ones?  If so you can just use the Equal function with the scalar string, along with the 1D array constant.  This will return an array of if they are equal or not, and an Or array elements can tell you if any match.

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I don't believe that your intention is to loop through all of the hard-coded PINs twelve times.  Remove that constant to the For loop and let the tunnel from your array of PINs auto-index.  I'm confused about how you've got a 1-D array of Booleans being indexed into a 2-D array, but your Front Diagram :) indicator looks like only 1-D.  Surely my eyes aren't so bad that I can't see that green wire getting bigger outside the loop...

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