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It's been a long time coming, but I've updated my HDF5 toolkit. I'm preparing to put the update out on the NI Tools Network soon, but I'd like to go a little slow on the release, so I thought I'd announce it here first.

For those unfamiliar, HDF5 is a binary data format widely used in the sciences. It's similar to TDMS in some ways, but more flexible and less proprietary. Keeping up with the ever changing ABI of the underlying HDF5 library has been a losing battle, so I quit a long time ago and accepted that Live HDF5 would most likely only work with the version of HDF5 it release with. (Fortunately, while the ABI changes a lot, the file format itself has always been backwards and mostly-forwards compatible.) Some features in version 1.12 of HDF5 were very attractive to me and prompted the update. The update also provided a chance to weed out some long-standing bugs.

The toolkit may also be of interest to those who like playing around with Xnodes.



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I am forcing a conflict. The toolkits do, in fact, conflict, and always have. We both chose very obvious names for the VIs and were created before lvlibs were popular (or maybe even implemented). Mine is further complicated by the use of Xnodes.

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