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  1. Project Dragon LabVIEW: Announcing Project Dragon - Managing LabVIEW Virtual Environments with VIPM - YouTube Project Dragon Sign Up - VIPM 2021 (jki.net)
  2. It was not free and indeed was carrying along a few MB of extra payload in each executable/distro. That link will not be usable by new users (as far as I understand) since they don't sell licenses anymore.
  3. What is the problem? As far as I remember I just had to tweak a path constant... However this is more than python. It's python in a Jupyter notebook (which is getting very popular in many circles)
  4. I have my suspicions. But I like the terseness of the warnings (which pop-up only upon restarting LabVIEW). I suppose there is not more info that can be provided to the user (the LVInternalReports are binary files, so I can't make much of them).
  5. The last time you ran LabVIEW, internal warning 0x occurred in image.cpp.
  6. Appropriately enough, I recently got this startup warning as well: The last time you ran LabVIEW, internal warning 0x occurred in xstuffprivate.cpp.
  7. Anyone has had to deal with this type of warning and know how to handle them? I have communicated the associated report several times but have now given up as I am sure NI does have better things to do (say bug fixes). LV 2019 SP1 64-bit on Windows 10.
  8. From the foreword of Doom's book: "You owe me a shipped game every week, and if you don’t ship, you’ll get an F." Three classes and 127 games later, almost all of my students went on to jobs in the game 13 industry, no mean feat with a game design degree, and many of them credit the painful time constraints of the class. Terror works. I recommend it." I wonder how that applies to IDE development :-)?
  9. I am reading through that lingo and am trying to extract the substance. What I read is that she was hired by NI for a specific job, did (or not) do it and was, if not fired, at least forced into a situation which led to her resignation after about a year on the job. That sounds rather short to me, but it is true that I am not privy to the way things are working on modern corporate boards. Maybe that is the new trend. I suspect there is more to it, and that her opinion that the business was run in a very outdated manner (saying that on a podcast sounds to me very non-politically correct) may ha
  10. A new chapter in the NI saga? Found in a recent SEC disclosure (I was trying to figure out whether the slow increase in NI stock value since last November was due to something else than the recent announcement that they were firing 10% of their employees to increase the shareholder happiness): "On January 3, 2021, Carla Pineyro Sublett, the Company’s Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, and General Manager of the Portfolio Business, and a named executive officer, notified the Company of her intent to resign from the Company, effective February 1, 2021, to pursue other oppo
  11. Consider yourself lucky. It could have been all green... super green.
  12. Are you forcing a conflict with Martijn Jasperse's H5labview package, or is this something made up by VIPM?
  13. X___

    Dear NI

    Free is maybe pushing it. Zero technical support without a SSP would be an appropriate model associated with open source. Of course this wouldn't prevent a vibrant community support (independent from NI) from existing, but this is not what the big industrial companies using LV would go for. They would remain NI's proverbial cash cows. I think the misunderstanding on the corporate side of why open source is beneficial for code safety and reproducibility is understandable, as I can witness the same ambivalence if not resistance in academia. As for NXG and webUI (or whatever they call
  14. Sounds like King Louis the XIV's court. If someone had just pointed out that the natural next step of such an IDE was to introduce "text shortcuts" to diagram objects, they were quite a short distance from reinventing a text-based programming language. Brilliant!
  15. Yeah, well, when was the last time NI asked users what they were expecting in a IDE UI? Or what they did or did not like in the mock up designs they were cooking up? I am sorry, I forgot about the "Idea Exchange" forum, which had so many transformative effects on the development of subsequent LabVIEW versions... Of course, ultimately this is probably not what killed NXG (the dislikes of a few old geezers for the IDE).
  16. Following paul_cardinale's review of my demo, it turns out there was no glitch after all (well, in my understanding or attention level, maybe).
  17. Sent as a PM. Also, is there a way to drop a Y Control in an array (or cluster)?
  18. LV 2019 SP1f1 64 bit crashed upon closing my first Y Control... but seems to have recovered fine. So, I can now resize objects within a Y Control cluster, but there seems to be a glitch (race conditions?) in the Process New Value.vi: When the user changes the checkbox (for visibility) to True, the string is hidden and reciprocally. Am I missing something?
  19. More on this saga, picked by chance in a Forums thread (https://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/Save-the-progams-user-interface-as-picture-or-serve-it-as-a-web/m-p/4106252?profile.language=en Future of Web Module In essence, the loop is looped and we are back to LabVIEW Web UI, released what, 10 years ago? The roadmap is pretty unclear past 2021...
  20. cf Brian Powell referring to the "hackish" nature of XControls in the infamous NXG obituary thread...
  21. 1. I removed LVNewDialog.xml before re-installing and got this: which, after I pressed continued, left the installer window opened in a stopped state, but at least now the help is back in the menu (but in Help>>Y Control, not Help -> New -> Y Control as you have it in the Readme.txt) However, the File>>New... dialog is now empty, so removing LVNewDialog.xml is definitely not the thing to do (putting it back resolves the issue but is missing the Y Control item). 2. Re-uninstalling Y Control Support now LEAVES the Help >> Y Control menu but no
  22. Still can't seem to be able to access the Help. Certainly not in the Help -> New -> Y Control -> Y Controls menu and the chm file still doesn't work for me? It seemed quite straightforward when I first installed it, but maybe the UNinstall step messed up with something? I just uninstalled 1.002 and tried again the release from post 22 and am without an easy way to find Help within LV (and the chm file is not working anymore as a standalone) 😞
  23. How do I access the help again? It worked fine in the previous version, but is nowhere to be found in the new one, and the chm help file in the installer doesn't work as is...
  24. One more of those dead links on NI's website then... and no information whatsoever. Strangely enough, I never got a "We'd love to hear your feedback" pop-up on that page. 🙂
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