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The Question: How to get the HackRF One Sweep function to work with LabVIEW

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2 hours ago, Ray Fernandez said:


I have been trying to get this to work, but I have come up short. I am able to control the original API, but I just can't get this last thing to work. I am turning to the community in hopes of getting some help.



The DLL I used didn't have this feature exposed and I only got as far as identifying the board info before I lost access to the HackRF that I was using. However. From the hackrf library, it seems you call hackrf_init_sweep then hackrf_start_rx_sweep. I guess the problem you are having is that the results are returned in a callback which we cannot do in LabVIEW.

So. There are two options. Implement your own sweep function in LabVIEW or write a dll wrapper in <insert favourite language here> that can create a callback and return the data in a form that LabVIEW can deal with.

I have a project in another language that unifies hackRF and the dongle SDR's into a standard interface so it creates the callback for the HackRF but I haven't revisited it for a few years and it's status at the time was that it covered similar functionality between the devices-so no sweep function.

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