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Why LabVIEW unable to detect "mouse down" notify event after I install LabVIEW in another PC?

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Hi All, 

I encountered a problem that "mouse down notify event" is not working after I reinstalled LabVIEW 2017. I used the break point to monitor is "mouse down" trigger when I click on VI pane, but it was nothing triggered when I click on the VI front pannel. 

And I found the order of "Pane > mouse down notify event" was place outside of "Mouse" category in pull down menu, which is different from other normal PC (In the normal operating PC, the "Mouse down" notify event is in "Mouse category".)

I'm not sure is any incorrect setting in my OS(Window 10 64 bits, LabVIEW 2017 32bits ) or something wrong during the installed process then cause the abnormal situation?

Below are the screenshot of the abnormal mouse down notify event in the pull down menu and the VI which I used to monitor Mouse down event.






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I'm not completely sure (as I never saw that myself), but you likely have encountered a bug with Event Structure names messed up, described here. So you might try what's suggested there - do a total uninstall (including msi...Blast running after all) and then a fresh install including all the service packs and hot fixes. It may solve that issue or may not. If not, then obviously you have to upgrade LabVIEW or alternatively you may figure out, what's your "Mouse Down" even is really named by going through the event names one by one and checking, whether it works when clicking on a pane. There still may be another oddities though.

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