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Executing .rtexe from CLI... is it possible?

Sam Dexter

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Hi guys,


A newbie question - say, I have a compactRIO running Linux Real-Time system and it runs my .rtexe set as startup

at the boot. I wonder if there is a way to execute this .rtexe arbitrarily from CLI or by any other means, so you can

actually have a few .rtexe on the system and pick and choose which ones to run at will?



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The .rtexe is actually not an executable file. Rather, it is a "bundle" that contains your compiled VIs.

The real executable is /usr/local/natinst/labview/lvrt -- This executable loads your .rtexe bundle and runs the top-level VI(s) from the bundle. The lvrt program checks a config file -- /etc/natinst/share/lvrt.conf -- to find out which .rtexe it should load.

So, in theory, you could edit this file and then shut down the VIs that are currently running. This causes lvrt to re-launch, and it will read your updated config file and load your new .rtexe.


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