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  1. Now, of course, the trick is to do it without ActiveX control using raw HTTP as compactRIO does not have support for ActiveX. Any suggestions? NI-IMAQ cannot access other channels but channel one...
  2. Hi guys, A newbie question - say, I have a compactRIO running Linux Real-Time system and it runs my .rtexe set as startup at the boot. I wonder if there is a way to execute this .rtexe arbitrarily from CLI or by any other means, so you can actually have a few .rtexe on the system and pick and choose which ones to run at will?
  3. The solution is simple - use http:/IPaddress/axis-cgi/mjpg/video.cgi?camera=1 or 2 or 3 or 4...
  4. Hi guys, I am running a system with AXIS F34 camera (actually it is 4 cameras on one main unit) and can acquire a video on one channel (channel 1 only) with both NI-MAQ basic functions and AXIS ActiveX control that comes from AXIS Media Control (AMC) - https://www.axis.com/en-us/support/downloads. The image acquisition seems pretty forward (see the VIs attached) but I have no idea how to control the camera and more importantly how to change the channel. Another question - although you can set up the camera to stream the video without a password it would be nice to know how to actually aut
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