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Install NI SW without package manager?

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In this day any age, is NI package manager an absolute requirement for installing any NI SW?  Our IT security suite is causing issues with NI package manager, and, until they fix it, it appears I'm unable to install any NI software.   Is there an easy workaround I'm missing?  Specifically, I'm trying to install NI VISA drivers.  I've downloaded the offline iso installer, but it still wants to run things through NI package manager.  

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I'm afraid you're stuck with NIPM, as far as I'm aware. There used to be a method by which you could install packages manually but I don't know if it still exists.

To get around conflicts with ICT at our workplace, we virtualize the dev environment. Then we can do whatever we want (off the network). That might be something you could pursue as well.

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Here's my tuppence.

Get an indication from your IT dept when thy expect the issue to be resolved then get your project manager to bill the time against IT's budget. Add to your project plan the time they indicated and add a note that the project delivery date will be be delayed by at least that amount of time. Keep doing that if/when their indicated time expires until they resolve the issue. If you have weekly project meetings, make sure it is in the minutes and get an action on IT to resolve the issue and require status updates from IT so it never drops off the agenda. Ensure the IT issue is elevated to a high project risk category.

Then. Download the VISA executable installer from "http://download.ni.com/evaluation/labview/ekit/other/downloader/" and tell your project manager you *may* have a temporary, sub-optimal solution which you are investigating for this particular package but that you fully expect continuing issues that may not have similar solutions even if you are successful this time, which is not guaranteed..

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