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Serial communication with MKS PDR 2000 Controller

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Thanks for your support. I'm new to MKS PDR 2000 Dual capacitance controller. I am familiar with serial communication and have used it often when communicating with a DB9 serial port on a computer. However, this controller has a DB15 female connector, so I'm confused on what exactly I should be doing to interface it with the laptop (as laptop doesn't have a DB15 serial connector port)?

I have a USB to DB9 (male) serial converter, which I then to a small box which connects three wires (Rx, Tx and Gnd) of DB9 connector to the DB15 connector. And then this connector goes to the female DB15 connector of the controller. I'm reading the manual and connecting the pin 7,8 and 9 (of DB15) to pin 3,2 and 5 (of DB9 connector). But, this doesn't seem to be working as I can't get the controller detected in the computer. I can only detect the USB to serial converter. 

Do you suggest to connect the controller directly to a PC with DB15 port (without USB to DB9 and DB9 to DB15 conversion)? 

Once I have the controller's connection established, then I think it is straightforward as I can use HyperTerminal for serial communication. 

It would be great if you could have some inputs for this problem. Please let me know your inputs.

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What are the functions of pins 7, 8, and 9 on the DB-15 controller?  Is it possible that you have RX connected to RX and TX connected to TX on both ends?  If so, you'll likely need to wire it like a crossover:

DB-9 Pin 2 (Rx) to DB-15 Pin ? (Tx)
DB-9 Pin 3 (Tx) to DB-15 Pin ? (Rx)
DB-9 Pin 5 (GND) to DB-15 Pin ? (GND)

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