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I am involved in 2 different community events coming up soon and I just wanted to get the word out.


The first is an in-person conference and that is GDevCon N.A. This is following in the footsteps of the original GDevCon in Europe, except it is going to take place in Boulder CO on Oct 20,21. We have a speaker lineup with a lot of the usual suspects. You'll recognize most of them, but there are a few newcomers as well. We also have some workshops going on. You can get more information and purchase tickets at https://gdevconna.org  We are also still accepting sponsorships if anyone is interested.

GLA Summit

I realize a lot of people either aren't able or are hesitant to travel to GDevCon N A. If so, you are in luck. There is virtual event coming up on Nov 15/16 and that is the GLA Summit. It sprouted up last year in response to NI cancelling the CLA Summit due to COVID. It promises some great presentations and is open to all LabVIEW and TestStand Enthusiasts. It is a fully online event that lasts for 24 hours. We are still looking for presenters. You can register or a submit a presentation at https://glasummit.org

Hope to see you all at one or both of these. 

If you have any questions on either, post them here and I'll try to get you some answers.


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